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Learning process never stops

What is Learning?

Is it what we have been told in our classroom, to grab information and vomit it out in exams? Yes or no? If no, then what is learning?

Learning starts with analyzing your own situations. The first step to learning is to Analyse. The problem is, our focus stays on results always. This is the fact. What I Believe Either you win or lose, you still learn.

In every moment in our life, we can learn something. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try what you really wanna to do. Stop giving excuses like I have responsibilities, I will try some other day and list won’t end. The day you challenge yourself is the day you will explore more and be extraordinary.

Example if I can give you will be of One of the best entrepreneur ever born on this planet, Steve Jobs co-founder of apple, and founder of next and Pixar. He was fired from his own company but he still loved what he did and there in that time period he founded next, a company focused on creating powerful computers for business and educational purposes and Pixar, the animation studio and he returned to apple.

Stop sitting and wasting your time, go out and try, if you fail to learn and try again in a smarter way. you will win for sure one day if you kept trying in the best way possible. And if you win keep learning don’t ever settle in life.


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