Know the complete story first


There is always another side to every story which is hidden or maybe ignored by everyone because we all are interested in hot gossip, we believe them immediately.

We don’t ever question the talks but we believe and we criticize but every person has a story to tell. Their part of the story which must be conveyed to everyone.

Judge, inspiration

Everyone deserves to say their part. Everyone deserves to get support. Sometimes we fail to listen or to support. Just forgive yourself for that.  There is an abundance of things in this universe waiting for you.

This universe is for you, not against us. The faith in humanity should be regained. Stop criticizing others. Just go and help with what they need and you will too get support. Talks will never stop and I know girls and women face a lot. It is a fact that people will gossip and rumors will spread but yes you can fight with them but before that, you need to back yourself and love yourself.

There are a lot of girls who spread rumors about other girls so it’s both men and women who need to take the responsibility and if we can stop criticizing and start understanding the first step is taken. I know easier said than done. This journey will be difficult but this is the right thing at this point in time. It will make you stronger.